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McCrory Senior Apartments

Chicago, Illinois | 2018 | While Employed at LBBA

Project Information

Architect of Record: LBBA | Photos by Leslie Schwartz (first) and Mark Ballogg (remainder) | Role at LBBA: Project Architect

Inspired by the historic context and nearby First Baptist Congregational Church, the 62-unit, 5-story, McCrory Senior Apartments inserts a new modern building into the historical fabric of the rapidly changing, and rapidly gentrifying, West Town neighborhood. Both clients, Brinshore Development and First Baptist Congregational church set about to create a project to help parishioners stay in the neighborhood.

Brick, cast stone recalling quatrefoil motifs found at the church, bays, and mural inspired by the stained glass of the church inside the entry lobby create site relativity and dialogue with the surrounding neighborhood fabric. Additional design moves include a modern interpretation of the classic Chicago bay window.